Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love often carries with it incredible powers of communion and soulful relations

Love often carries with it incredible powers of communion and soulful relations.

Here the clasping of hands marks the beginning of a journey quite familiar to those who have known profound devotion and passion.

It's like the old song,Days of Wine and Roses, laugh and run away, like a child at play, through a meadowland toward an open door,which some say is the door of nevermore.

This door, by which here are depicted the symbols of love and happiness, the bluebird and the rose, the field of daisies from the summers of our lives,has opened to the great mystery that may lie beyond life as we know it.

Another symbol, the stream of time,lies at the foot of that mysterious path beyond the door. We might be carried up this stream where stones are reflecting the golden light of another realm, giving way to the emergence of forms as though from the ancient clay of matter, that one by one go on into the eternal light as they take shape....
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