Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love for you and Other Daily Quotes by Greg Neal

Love for you and Other Daily Quotes by Greg Neal
-Love for you-. In my eye's, my world is alive. In my heart my world is not an empty part. In your ears you capture my fears. In your voice my heart rejoices. In your hair your beauty is my breath of fresh air. In my world you're all I live for. Never shall I witness a greater love than I have for you. Lifted up by your spirit, value and love. I am whole. Never part yourself from my soul. Forever is only the begining of my timeless love I have for you. -Greg Neal-

Pain is preventive , through loving and caring actions. In the strength of love and care, pain will not hurt. -Greg Neal-

A sunset of radiant colors flowing to the end of daylight. A fallen star with its flash and warm glow. A simple glance at the beauty of a rose. In the eye's that adore's life's beauty, recieves its purpose. To Amaze and Wonder! -Greg Neal-

Friendship is two minds that work together to bring understanding to life. -Greg Neal-

Every moment is special in life. There is your begining and your end. Those are God's special moments. -Greg Neal-

True love is when you realize God's love for you. True love IS God's love. -Greg Neal-

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